Monday, March 2, 2015

Reasons to Build a Custom Home

When it comes to finding the perfect home for you and your family, you have the choice to buy a new or a used home. And, while a used home, with its affordable price tag, may seem appealing, most homeowners admit that they’d rather buy a new home. That’s not just snobbery either. There are actually very good, very valid reasons to choose a new home over a previously lived-in one.

Make Your Wishes Come True

First things first, understand that, when you buy a used home, you’re buying someone else’s dream. You’re either buying a home that was generically designed or one that was designed specifically for
someone else. Is that- a “basic” home or a home meant for someone else- what you really want to live in? Sure, you might get lucky and find a used home that’s perfect for you, but that’s unlikely. If you desire a home that’s exactly what you want and nothing less, then designing your own and having the satisfaction of watching it be built from the ground up is the way to go.

Brand, Spankin’ New

Not only is a specialty home guaranteed to be designed just for you, it’s also a home with a lot of years left in it. Older homes are...well...older. That means they’re likely to need repairs and other maintenance, which can get expensive, in the coming years. Plus, they tend to be stocked with older appliances and parts. When you buy a new, quality home, you’ve got years before you have to think about fixing or replacing anything, and your appliances and other items are still likely to be under warranty, giving you peace of mind for a very long time to come.

Savings in the Long Run

Unfortunately, older homes don’t tend to be very environmentally friendly or energy efficient. Those just aren’t things people thought about a few decades ago. Newer homes understand the importance of saving on heating and cooling costs and of reducing the size of one’s carbon footprint. That’s why, in a newer home or a home designed just for you, you can find or include features like triple paned windows, window coatings, high quality insulation, energy efficient appliances, and more, all of which can save you money in the long run. Many energy efficient appliances, like heating and cooling systems, are also designed to function better in general and to improve air quality at the same time, making newer homes a win-win situation all around.

Being Part of a Community

If you have a home built just for you, you can choose to place it in a planned community, an option that has become very popular in recent years. You could also simply buy a home already in one of these communities. In either case, you’ll usually have access to great neighbors, great school districts for the kids, and perhaps best of all, great community amenities, like a neighborhood pool and gym. Buying your home new basically gives you a choice of where you live and what it offers, instead of just forcing you to take a gamble about who your neighbors will be or what will spring up in your new area.

Modern Safety and Technology

The world has changed a lot in the last twenty years or so, and you want a home that reflects the world we currently live in. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a USB charger built into your wall or built-in wireless internet? You won’t find those kinds of things in an older home, but you can have them built right into a newer one. Even more importantly, newer homes are up to date on the latest safety innovations, like modern circuit breakers, safe paints, and green building practices.

Buying an new home isn’t for everyone, or, more specifically, everyone’s budget. However, if it’s a possibility for you- even if you have to save up- buying a new home is usually something that most people find is well worth it.