Monday, April 27, 2015

How Has the Recession Affected Home Building

It’s no secret that America was hit with a major recession, one during which lots of people lost their jobs and had to scale down their spending. While many assume that the recession put a damper on the home building industry, that’s actually not true. It’s still going just as strong as ever, and that
probably has a lot to do with the fact that people value their homes above all else and aren’t willing to skimp when it comes to where they live.

While it is true that many have been less extravagant and more practical in terms of designing their homes, few other changes surrounding buying activity have been noted. And, for their part, the builders have become more prone to offering package deals to allow buyers to get all of the features they want at a more affordable price.

In spite of the recession and of these “package deal” options, there are still a surprising number of home buyers who are choosing to customize their homes and to add in the features they truly want, regardless of the price. Read on to learn about some of the most common (and most commonly coveted) “splurges” today’s home buyers are opting for.

Separate Splash Spots
One big trend in home design is that buyers are increasingly requesting that their bath tubs and their showers be housed in separate spaces. While, in the past, it was common for people to opt for one or the other or to go for a combination unit, people are now spreading out and devoting more space to their bathing and showering spots.

On the flip side, however, there are still many buyers who forego a tub in favor of a shower. However, the showers they tend to opt for aren’t small and scaled back. Instead, they’re large, roomy, and elegant.

Kitchen Islands
One of the biggest kitchen requests is for a large island in the center. People want a space for their guests to gather, talk, prepare foods, and maybe even eat too. In addition to this desire for islands, people are also requesting nicer, fancier amenities, under-counter and in-cabinet lighting, and granite and stone countertops. The kitchen, in fact, is one of the rooms where people are really willing to spend a lot, probably because it’s such a major “gathering spot” for family and friends.

 The bottom line is that the economy will always ebb and flow, but people, regardless, are still devoted to having the homes they truly want. And really, that’s exactly how they should be because a home is designed to be an escape from life’s many troubles and worries, and having that escape is invaluable.